Með blóðnasir

You know what’s scary? Waking up to find blood all over your pillow and face.

Last night I had a blood nose and didn’t even realise until I woke in the morning to find myself half submerged in my own fluids.

I looked it up on Google (naturally) and apparently it’s caused by the dryness of my surroundings. Maybe all the candles I’m lighting are drawing out all the liquid from the  air. Is that even a thing?

Aside from my little American Horror Story moment, life has brought about some mildly exciting updates.

In January I’ll be heading to Malaysia for about ten days. Hopefully I don’t wind up dead or beaten up by a gang of locals like my brother was (true story).

At this point I’ll clarify he was beaten up, not killed. Because that would be depressing—and also probably not a side note to a nose-bleed anecdote.

This is all for now. In all earnest I hope the extra downtime these holidays will leave me no excuse to update this whole blog thang.

Finally, +3 points to whoever immediately recognised the origins of this entry’s title.


Did March even anything?

My lack of updates would suggest I’ve had nothing important to mention lately, which in fact is quite the opposite. A lot of interesting developments have arisen of late. Work commissioned me to help write an industry white paper and I still have a million grad apps to do.

I think now, more than ever, I’m at a stage where proper sleeping patterns and time management will be the heroes to get me through this month of deadlines. Not that these didn’t matter before, but I never tended to heed to my body’s cries to succumb to regularity and routine.

These are exciting times! The self-imposed crunch time I’ve inflicted for grad apps has invariably forced me to think about where I want to be this time next year. Added too is the wonderful opportunity my work has given me to gain exposure and to undertake a pretty high-level project.

If I don’t make it through the next month (here’s an outrageous bet that I’ll wig-out as time goes on), know that I really, really, really wanted to give this hectic time my best shot.