Det er IKKE godt.

Danish, you’re letting me down. Until you can provide me with the sweet stylings of artists such as Veronica Maggio, I’m putting a red mark against your name. Two points from you.

Danish: -2

And YOU Veronica. Ohhh why oh why couldn’t you be Danish? For every song of yours I listen to, that’s less time listening to a language I actually want to immerse myself in. Thanks a lot. Tak for det.

There’s only so much Medina I can listen to—my play count on is ridiculously high and she’s reaching Lady Gaga heights. People will get the wrong idea!

Not that I’m ashamed of my dirty pop. But I feel like breaking the gender imbalance somehow.

Anyone know of a decent Danish artist I should get into? I’ve already covered off Mew—something in actual dansk would be good too.