Stasera ho mangiato coreano con il mio amico italiano. Abbiamo parlato di vite immaginate all’estero e come farei a vivere in Italia.

Mi ha detto che Milano è orribile ma ch’è la città giusta per un straniero come me. Personalmente mi ha piaciuto molto quando ero lì tanto tempo fa.

Anche se lui parla un inglese perfetto, i frammenti della sua lingua maternale mi spingono a imparare di più. Forse un giorno in Italia?

Det er IKKE godt.

Danish, you’re letting me down. Until you can provide me with the sweet stylings of artists such as Veronica Maggio, I’m putting a red mark against your name. Two points from you.

Danish: -2

And YOU Veronica. Ohhh why oh why couldn’t you be Danish? For every song of yours I listen to, that’s less time listening to a language I actually want to immerse myself in. Thanks a lot. Tak for det.

There’s only so much Medina I can listen to—my play count on is ridiculously high and she’s reaching Lady Gaga heights. People will get the wrong idea!

Not that I’m ashamed of my dirty pop. But I feel like breaking the gender imbalance somehow.

Anyone know of a decent Danish artist I should get into? I’ve already covered off Mew—something in actual dansk would be good too.

Plan for the day

  1. Finish off my grad job app
  2. Break
  3. Work on white paper
  4. Dinner slash break
  5. Watch middle-aged public figures squabble on QandA
  6. Work on white paper

Interspersed throughout the day with splashes of German and Danish learning, to keep me in the-happy-times.

Es tiempo de ordenar mi cuarto (y vida).

Primer paso: ordenar el desastre que es mi cuarto.

Y no me mal interpretes, yo no digo que mi vida sea un desastre. Es sólo que ver mis alrededores como un campo de batalla no ayuda en nada mis planes para hacer de 2012 el año en el que lograré algo importante.

Creo de verdad que este año va a ser un buen año. Ahora el primer paso, yeahhh.