Be there a cure for the creatively-challenged?

I hate getting creative envy.

Is that even a real term? Well, it is now.

By default I don’t think I’m a creative person. I don’t have an innate ability to produce natural or effortless instances of art or creative material—be it in writing, in a blog post or with photography. I feel that what I come up with is generally pretty contrived, which is upsetting.

Take my photos for example; there’s never consistency between my shots, because I simply don’t have the natural skill. I could never have a portfolio or album full of my own stuff. It’d just look odd and amateurish.

I’m not a natural writer either. Some people can just waffle on and turn out a piece that is poised and insightful. When I write, I go back and edit so much that my initial thought is completely bastardised in the process.

So why do I bother trying to be creative at all? Out of appreciation for creativity I guess. Perhaps also out of envy for those who actually have creative ability (oh, and just quietly, damn you all).

I can appreciate that what I do sometimes is passable. But it’s not great. I don’t think it ever will be. I just wasn’t hard-wired that way—as much as I desperately would have liked to have been.

I do wonder though—can you get more creative with time? Is it a skill you can learn?