Past and present tense

Further to my self-pity-rant in French the other day about writing (yes, that whole thing) a new development has occurred.

I’ve been asked to help out with a marketing/communications task at work. I hasten to mention that my writing skills (gasp!) have been summoned here. Naturally all my anxieties came flooding out — especially in light of professionalism and not letting people down and rah rah rah.

So to kick myself into gear and get in to the ‘comms zone’, I ruffled through uni work I’d written in 2005-2007. And you might know how it is — it’s bizarre reading what you’ve produced from so long ago.

Everything is so foreign and it’s like an out-of-body experience. You can’t really fathom it’s you who actually wrote these words at some point in time and space. Or more accurately, you can, but you don’t know if you could write in the same way today, in the present. For me it’s like how you notice your handwriting changing throughout the years — it’s not like you can revert back.

Anyway flipping through it all, I got this weird thought that maybe I actually enjoy writing. Maybe I just don’t do it enough. Perhaps I don’t really have a reason to do it anymore, and I simply need to find one.

In any case, I have to ride this wave while it lasts and focus putting this pseudo-fondness for writing into the tasks I have to do for work.

Speaking of which — I’d better hop to it.


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  • Posted: 10 July 2012


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