The big six oh.

Dad’s just turned 60, bless his heart. There’s this Vietnamese expression roughly translated as “eating vegetarian” whereby people act strangely—or specifically—more pleasant natured than usual. That’s my dad right now. He’s currently ăn chay.

Not only is he ironing all my work shirts (I didn’t ask him to—though he did think they were my all sister’s???), he’s pushing me to study to attain yet another degree. What, the actual what? He chuckled that I should get a PhD rather than a full-time work gig next year. If that isn’t a complete mind-fuck in the Asian parent-child paradigm, I don’t know what is.

Perhaps on the precipice of retirement and (relative) old age, he’s chilling out a bit more. Who’d have thought? Even at this time he (and my mother) still manage to surprise me.

Here’s to another 60 years — Happy Birthday Ba!

Oh by the way, at 60 he still has a full head of black hair. Yeah. Take that, other people’s dads!


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