Helloooooo, dream bed!

I want to revamp my room. But apparently investment in furniture is just as financially taxing as computers or gadgets. Mundane stuff and things are deceptively expensive, gahhh.

My old bed creaks like a little bitch. It practically moans when I get on as its little springs falter under my mass. The mattress is so old that those very springs dig into me as I sleep. It’s not so comfortable.

Where I can find a low-lying or platform bed in King Single size? My room doesn’t cope with more than my desk and chair, really.

No one is going to actually answer me — so I guess this post is addressed to the universe at large. Ummm please be sending me a new bed, universe? Thanks.

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  1. sonyaong said: you’re funny child. here i am ‘actually’ answering you. you should get a chic minimalist studio apartment and get this bed. and i will sleep over every day. plskthnx! but first, get a job ;)
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  • Posted: 02 July 2012