So I got new glasses — and yes, I’m aware they make me look like a total fucking hipster. But unlike your run-of-the-mill Brunswick dweller I actually NEED glasses to, you know, have vision and actually see.

Without glasses or contacts I’m disadvantaged. I’m one of those need-glasses-to-find-my-glasses kind of people.

I ordered these specs at (not actually based in Australia, just quietly) and it’s the most frustrating transaction I’ve ever dealt with. I bought them in January and they arrived late March; enough said really. It’s the price you pay for huge discounts which—let’s be honest—is the deciding factor here.

I’m hoping these glasses aren’t too ridiculous for work — they do cover like a third of my face after all.

Oh well, just one more thing I hope will slip by unnoticed. No one’s pulled me up on my shoddy ironing yet. And by shoddy, I mean I that barely ever iron at all. Shhh.


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  1. froggonewild said: I rike. I rike. Mais je pourrai pas m’afficher en public avec toi mouahahahaha
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